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Open to All. Everyone Welcome.

KMC Long Island believes meditation should be accessible to everyone, especially busy, modern people, so we offer a variety of drop-in classes at our three locations, offered on weekdays, weeknights and weekends to accommodate as many types of schedules as possible. Pre-registration is not required, simply drop in at a class that’s convenient for you. For a nominal fee of $5, $10, or $15 (depending on class length), anyone from any background is welcome to attend a class and no one is turned away for a lack of funds.

When you arrive at a drop-in class, there will be someone from the center to greet you and accept your class admission fee. You can then take off your shoes (required before entering any of our meditation spaces) and make yourself comfortable on a chair or cushion. If you arrive early, please help yourself to a cup of tea or some water.

Our teachers usually start with a guided breathing meditation. Then they give a short teaching followed by a longer guided meditation and a short Q&A or discussion period, if time allows.

These classes are sometimes taught as a series, but each class stands on its own as a complete class. Drop-in classes are well-suited for people who are new to meditation, or new to the center, in general. They provide an easy and affordable way to get started with a regular meditation practice and become familiar with the center. Feel free to drop by anytime.

We look forward to meeting you!



Monday | 12 – 12:45pm | $5/Free for Members
Meditation can take us to deeper and deeper levels of peace and freedom with Kelsang Nyema
Tuesday | 12 – 12:30pm | $5/Free for Members
Take a break from the busyness of daily life with Laura Anton
Wednesday | 12 – 1:30pm | $10/Free for Members
Contemplate, meditate and enjoy delicious vegetarian soup with Susan and Joel Brenner
Thursday | 12 – 1pm | $5/Free for Members
Meditation: Inner Exploration and Healing
Listen to Buddha’s practical wisdom and enjoy relaxing guided meditations with Elsa Cerezo


Monday | 12 – 1pm | $10/Free for Members
Create a peaceful mind and your experience of the world will change for the better with Cathy DiMarco
Tuesday | 12 – 1pm | $10/Free for Members
Meditations for making our human life meaningful with Jim Snyder
Wednesday | 12 – 1pm | $10/Free for Members
Learn practical methods to transform stress into clarity and positive energy with Joe Abate
Thursday | 12 – 1:15pm | $10/Free for Members
How can we set about making meaningful changes in our life? Learn how with Ilene Hecht
Friday | 12 – 1pm | $10/Free for Members
Regular meditation practice is medicine for our mind and body with Ann Kane


Wednesday | 12:30 – 1:30pm | $10/Free for Members
Peaceful mind, peaceful world with Maggie Cooper


Monday | 7 – 8pm | $10/Free for Members
Through training the mind, we can relieve all of our physical and mental suffering with Stephany Taylor
Tuesday | 7 – 8:30pm | $15/Free for Members
Learn how to develop a deep acceptance and ability to fully engage in the unfolding of your life with Bob Rice
Wednesday | 7 – 8pm | $10/Free for Members
Clarity of Mind
Learn one of the best ways to develop concentration and experience deep inner peace with Kevin Potente


Tuesday | 7 – 8:30pm | $10/Free for Members
Generosity, kindness, patience, effort, concentration, and wisdom are the keys to a meaningful life with David Hoffner
Wednesday | 7 – 8pm | $10/Free for Members
Learn simple meditations which are the stages of the path to the enlightened mind with Tom Korb
Thursday | 7 – 8:30pm | $10/Free for Members
Learn to tap into your “Buddhanature” and naturally experience joy with Sita Brandt
Last Two Fridays of the Month | 7 – 8:30pm | $10/Free for Members
Freedom From Addiction
The teachings of Buddha provide a clear and simple pathway to freedom from addiction, depression, confusion and powerlessness with Robin Segermeister

Monday | 7 – 8pm | $5/Free for Members
The Best of Intentions: Learn to Meditate in 2018
There is so much scientific evidence these days showing the positive results of meditation: better health, faster healing, improved clarity and effectiveness, a more positive outlook, and more harmonious relationships. Even without these studies, we can discover the benefits quickly through our own experience. Meditation can also become the basis of our spiritual development, taking us to deeper and deeper levels of peace and freedom. Join us to learn the basics and start the new year off right with Kerrin Perniciaro

Tuesday | 7 – 8:30pm | $10/Free for Members
Meditations to Make Our Life Happy and Meaningful
If we train in meditation, our mind will gradually become more and more peaceful until eventually, we will be able to stay happy and positive all the time, even in the most difficult circumstances with Larry Price


Sunday | 10 – 10:45am | $5/Free for Members
Enjoy subtle yet profound meditations on the nature of the mind with Kadam Holly McGregor
Sunday | 11:30am – 1pm | $15/Free for Members
Uplift your mind and improve your concentration to create space for new solutions with Kadam Holly McGregor
Sunday | 11:30am – 1pm | $3
Children’s classes are presented in a lively, creative and interactive way with Bridget Walsh and Valerie Tufo


Sunday | 11:30am – 1pm | $10/Free for Members
Understanding the Mind
Buddha taught that to experience permanent inner peace we need to understand the mind. Join us to contemplate and explore his teachings on consciousness with Dennis Kane


Sunday | 10 – 11:30am | $10/Free for Members
We all experience so many problems day after day. Although most of these problems appear to be coming from other people and external situations, according to Buddha these problems are rooted in our own agitated minds such as anger and attachment, known as delusions. When we understand the relationship between our problems and our mind, our difficulties will naturally encourage us to train our mind with Ray Vogel

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